Vintage Martin Bros Truck

The Martin Bros. Difference.

Matter of facts

Martin Bros. Has 110 trailers and 105 tractors on the move at all times. Here is what we accomplished with those tractor/trailers last year alone!

Total Miles Travelled: 8.2 Million
  • Average miles traveled per driver last year: 72,000
  • Total miles Martin Bros. drove last year: 8.2 million
  • Road gallons of diesel used last year: 1,490,909
  • Thermo King fuel gallons: 178,794
Total number of routes travelled: 19,351
  • Total # of routes driven last year: 19,351
  • Average # of pieces delivered per route: 623
Total number of deliveries: 203,309
  • Total number of deliveries last year: 203,309
  • Average # of drops per route: 10.5
  • Average # of pieces per delivery: 59
Total cubes shipped: 10,382,787
  • Total cubes shipped: 10,382,787
  • Average cube per route: 536
  • Average cube per drop: 51
Martin Bros. first location
Jeff & Brooks Martin

Martin Bros. History

In 1940, Roy and Glen Martin founded Martin Bros. Distributing Co., Inc., an independent full-line foodservice distributor serving Iowa and seven surrounding states. As a full-line distributor, we are able to offer our customers not only an extensive inventory of food products but also janitorial/cleaning supplies, large equipment, small wares and even medical supplies. We are customer-centric and employee-owned.

President and Chief Operating Officer Brooks Martin and Chief Financial Officer Jeff Martin now lead our continued growth as the third generation of Martins to run the company. Our mission remains the same: to serve our customers with innovative solutions and superior performance. We offer the tools and service necessary for our customers to succeed.

Martin Bros. Truck
Truck technology

World-Class Distribution

Today Martin Bros. provides some of the best working conditions in the trucking industry. Our equipment is equipped with some of the top technologies available in the industry to maximize efficiency and maintain the highest operational standards. At Martin Bros., we use Summary Systems to give our drivers the tools they need to make deliveries easy and efficient. Summary Systems allows our drivers to provide Legendary Customer Service by scanning products on and off of the truck for accuracy, capturing signatures and printing delivery receipts, invoices and credits. This technology also interfaces with UPS Logistics Technologies’ Roadnet®, an industry-leading transportation management solution that helps us work more efficiently and create savings for our customers.

In addition, we are held to the highest of food safety standards. We have scored a Very Good or Excellent rating for eleven consecutive years from ASI, an independent food safety auditing firm, placing our food safety program among the top 1% in the nation.