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New to Trucking?

Get Your Career in Gear!

A career in trucking provides you with great opportunities. Whether you are just out of school or looking for a change in your career, this could be the perfect job for you. And here's some great news: even if you don't have any experience, Martin Bros. can help get your career moving as a truck driver!

Martin Bros. has partnered with Hawkeye Community College to customize a training program and fully equip those enrolled with everything they need to obtain their Commercial Driver's License in as few as six weeks. Upon completion of the program, drivers will join the Martin Bros. family and begin their career. Here's the best part: Martin Bros. pays for the program costs as well as a wage while individuals are in training!

truck driver trainee in a simulator

Hawkeye's training and testing includes:

  • Truck Simulators
  • Safety Training
  • Basic Trucking Maneuvers
  • Driver Rules & Regulations
  • Defensive Driving/Technical Skill

This program is approved by the Iowa Department of Transportation, Iowa Department of Education, the Iowa Motor Truck Association, and the Iowa Job Training Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are truck drivers ever home?

YES! The amount of time that Martin Bros. drivers can expect to have at home varies from route to route. However, most drivers are home every evening and on weekends.

Currently, the Department of Transportation regulates that truck drivers can log a maximum of 11 hours of driving after 10 consecutive off-duty hours. Of the 10 off-duty hours, 8 must be spent sleeping while the other 2 hours can be spent eating, showering, or some other activity. After taking an extended home time of one or more days, a driver is not allowed to drive more than 14 continuous hours in the following day.

The DOT also regulates how much time a driver must take off in between hauls. For example, a driver must take at least 34 hours off between a 7 or 8 day on-duty period. He also cannot drive more than 60 (7) or 70 (8) hours during that one-week period. These rules are designed to keep everyone on the road safe and are strictly enforced.

In this economy, is truck driving a good career choice?

ABSOLUTELY. Trucking is one of the most stable, high-demand industries in the country. Nearly every product or service in America benefits from trucking, so there is always a constant demand for truck drivers in every area and every sector of the economy. Truck driving is also a highly paid profession that allows you to provide a higher standard of living for your family and offers great benefits, including medical and dental insurance, paid vacations, and compensation incentives. Driving a truck also gives people the opportunity to travel the country and see new places while getting paid to do it. Many people enjoy the lifestyle freedom that truck driving offers, while others simply love the great pay and the unmatched job security it offers. No matter what the reason is, truck driving is a good choice for anyone who’s looking to make a positive career change in his or her life.

Is there a driver shortage?

YES! The economy is rebounding and companies like Martin Bros. are in need of drivers. There has never been a better time to get into the trucking industry. Trucking will always be in demand – it is a great paying job that cannot be outsourced overseas.

Is experience needed to drive for Martin Bros.?

NO! With Martin Bros. paid truck driving school administered through Hawkeye Community College, you can start on the road to success with no prior driving experience! And furthermore, you're learning from industry experts. With this program, drivers can obtain a CDL in as little as 6 weeks and will receive a solid paycheck immediately. The average first year driver can make over $65,000 with benefits. Best of all, there is no cost if you stay for ten months!

Here's how it works:

  1. Apply to work for Martin Bros.
  2. Once you complete the hiring process, you begin your apprenticeship without a CDL. Pre-screen with staff at Martin Bros. to determine which training program will best fit your need.
  3. Attend classes at Hawkeye Community College to learn and obtain your CDL A.
  4. Begin team training with Martin Bros. drivers until you become eligible to independently run a Martin Bros. truck.



At Martin Bros. we respect and appreciate the safe, quality service that truck drivers provide. After all, our drivers are the backbone of our business. One way we show our appreciation is with exceptional pay and benefits. Martin Bros. offers incentives designed to promote safety for our drivers. Drivers are encouraged to be the best in the industry by being rewarded twice per year with bonuses for safe, efficient and reliable practices. Company performance is rewarded as well! Employees have the opportunity to earn quarterly bonuses and year-end bonuses when the company grows their bottom line.

Health Care

Healthcare doesn’t have to be complicated. Martin Bros. offers a medical plan, as well as dental and vision insurance. Your eligibility for Martin Bros. health insurance plan begins following one month of continuous full-time employment. Single coverage and family coverage is available.

Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

Our employees are also owners and have a vested interest in the success of Martin Bros. Employee owners share in the profits of the company through the ESOP program and receive contributions toward their retirement with no out of pocket costs.

Flexible Spending Account

Martin Bros. flexible spending plan helps reduce your actual out-of-pocket health care and child day care costs. By paying these expenses with pre-tax earnings, you can reduce your taxable income, allowing you to keep more of your take home pay.

401(K) Retirement Plan

All Martin Bros. drivers are eligible to participate in the 401(K) plan after 90 days of employment.

Other Benefits Include:

  • Weekly pay through direct deposit
  • Paid vacation, discretionary days and sick pay
  • Uniform allowance
  • Discounts at Martin Bros. retail locations
  • Employee reward and recognition programs

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